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Ak47 Seed

AK47 seeds became popular in the US and was later changed to the AK48. It has a slight skunk smell, with a sweet taste. Looking for a strong high that will hit you like a ak47? You can get the best genetics a cannabis seed can have. If your wondering how its simple. Your ak 47 seeds come from a seed bank in Amsterdam and shipped discreetly right to your door. Cannabis growers all over the world use our site for their next purchase.

You can buy 10 AK47 seeds right now by clicking on the prices below and browsing the seed bank website. AK47 seeds are very important when you want to grow great marijuana. These ak47 seeds have a tendency to yield a large amount of cannabis.

Here is a list of the ak47 titles:

  • 1994 Cannabis Cup - Hydro (second)
  • 1994 Cannabis Cup - Overall (third)
  • 1996 Cannabis Cup - Hydro (third)
  • 1999 Cannabis Cup - Sativa (second)
  • 2003 Cannabis Cup - Indica (second)

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THC: 7/10 - good high
Tiredness: 7/10 - average effect on your sleep.
Pain: 7/10 - average effect
Stomache: 4/10 - not good
Nervousness: 4/10 - not good for anxiety
Hunger: 9/10 - makes you hungry

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