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What is the significance of marijuana seeds that autoflower? The genetics of most cannabis strains has them beginning to flower when the days start growing longer (as in late fall). This hint from their environment tells them it is time to produce buds.

A marijuana plant growing in a basement that has a consistent, never-changing light source will not flower. Therefore, switching the lights off and alternating lighting schedules are introduced when growers desire their plants to begin flowering.

Autoflowering marijuana strains bypass this biological requirement. When you buy autoflowering seeds, your cannabis will produce flowers even if you don't change-up the lighting. This is great for many novice growers, or those who do not wish to monitor their plants this closely. Tons of growers rely on autoflowering seeds every month. These little guys are a huge time and money saver. The grow time is shorter and the resources to grow it are a lot less. Together they make for an amazing marijuana seed for sale. Now you are able to get just 5 seeds a strains so you can have diversity at a much lower price. Let seed writers give you reliable cannabis seeds every month. We offer discreet and fast shipping.

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