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Top 44 Seed

Top 44 has a fruity aroma and tastes like sweet caramel. Growers love this strain because it flowers in 44 days, more than 20 days earlier than some strains. Because of this feature, Top 44 is a favorite for those who enjoy indoor growing with a fast plant grow cycle.

As a pure Indica, Top 44 features a "body buzz". This type is associated with relaxation, pain relief, reduction in anxiety and other purposes. It relieves nausea and pain.

In general, when dealing with Indica strains, it is a good idea to use them in the evening to wind down for the day. Smoking too much can cause drowsiness and "couchlock".

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THC: 5/10 - good high
Tiredness: 5/10 - average effect on your sleep.
Pain: 5/10 - average effect
Stomache: 4/10 - not good
Nervousness: 4/10 - not good for anxiety
Hunger: 6/10 - somewhat hungry

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