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Check out some of our agent orange seeds. We have so many different types of marijuana seed, just check the prices and begin shopping online. Go ahead and try Agent Orange seeds for sale from seed writers. Agent Orange seeds have been around for decades. These bright orange hairs can always be recognized. Agent orange seeds yield a good amount in their small growth span. This is one main reason a lot of growers choose this strain when growing. You can get these strains and so many more at seed writers. Stop wasting your time looking for the best place to get your next cannabis seeds. The site your looking for is right here. Shipping is fast and discreet! Buy marijuana seeds for sale at the online seed bank and get plenty more than just agent orange seeds. Buy Agent Orange seeds in the new 2016 stores for all of us to get. Agent Orange is a strain of cannabis derived from Space Queen, Jack's Cleaner, and Orange Skunk. This is a powerful medical marijuana product widely known and used by those suffering from chronic pain. It is 75% Sativa and 25% Indica, and one of the most popular hybrids out there. The bud is dark purple in color as it gets closer to time for harvesting. The bright orange hairs are also a telling sign that harvesting is getting close. The buds are covered in thick resin with a high yield per plant. THC Level and Buzz
For most users, the buzz is felt almost immediately but it only lasts for a few hours. It can be a great way to feel uplifted through the day. It is often used to reduce pain so a person can get back to their social routine, cleaning house, or other activities they otherwise wouldn't feel well enough to take part in. It can be useful for those that have achy joints such as from arthritis or other sources of inflammation. The THC level is about 25% and some individuals find using it causes them to experience dry mouth. That is a mild side effect and it can easily be reduced or eliminated by drinking more water to stay well hydrated. It is a good idea to use this product in a low amount to see how your body responds to it. You may discover you only need a little bit of it to get outstanding results. The more you use at a time, the higher the side effect of dry mouth will be. Taste and Aroma
Agent Orange marijuana has a strong citrus taste. While it sweet, it also has a spicy taste to it that most users find very intriguing and unique. The product smells boldly of citrus. It can have an undertone smell and taste of diesel, but it often depends on the specific seeds that were grown. This is a product you either love or you dislike rather than there being a middle ground with it. Those that do enjoy citrus often find it to be a huge hit. Common Uses
There are many uses for Agent Orange cannabis, but the most common one is chronic pain or chronic headaches. Other uses include anxiety and depression. Many people find they are more creative and their mind is able to stay focused when they use it. It can help to reduce symptoms of ADD/ADHD for adults. It can also help to boost energy for those suffering from chronic fatigue. Some rely on it rather than prescription medications for various ailments due to the high side effects of such medications. Growing Information
Agent Orange cannabis plants can be grown in a timespan between 55 days and 65 days. For the best results, this hybrid plant should only be grown indoors where the conditions can be successfully controlled and manipulated. The plants can be up to 6 feet tall when fully grown. It is very easy to work with Agent Orange seeds to have plants that offer a great production.
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