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What is the significance of marijuana seeds that autoflower? The genetics of most cannabis strains has them beginning to flower when the days start growing longer (as in late fall). This hint from their environment tells them it is time to produce buds. A marijuana plant growing in a basement that has a consistent, never-changing light source will not flower. Therefore, switching the lights off and alternating lighting schedules are introduced when growers desire their plants to begin flowering. Autoflowering marijuana strains bypass this biological requirement. When you buy autoflowering seeds, your cannabis will produce flowers even if you don't change-up the lighting. This is great for many novice growers, or those who do not wish to monitor their plants this closely. Tons of growers rely on autoflowering seeds every month. These little guys are a huge time and money saver. The grow time is shorter and the resources to grow it are a lot less. Together they make for an amazing marijuana seed for sale. Now you are able to get just 5 seeds a strains so you can have diversity at a much lower price. Let seed writers give you reliable cannabis seeds every month. We offer discreet and fast shipping. For the best results with autoflowering marijuana seeds, you need to incorporate these tips. First, you need to select a plant type that works well for your type of climate. Summer seems to be the best time for outdoor plants due to the warmer temperatures and the longer hours of sunlight. These conditions tend to help the plants to thrive. However, you can also grow them indoors where you are able to control the conditions for optimal resin production. Autoflowering plants start to show their flowers about just a couple of weeks. It is important to rotate your indoor plants to help them all get the right amount of artificial lighting you offer. Outdoors, the plants will lean in the direction of the sunlight to help them thrive. Germination
Before they start to show the flowers though, you need your seeds to germinate. Be selective about where you buy your seeds. In the future, you can harvest your own seeds from successful plants. Store your seeds in the refrigerator for a few days to help them reach their full potential. Soak them in water and within 24 hours you may notice some are already sprouting! Don't let them soak more than a 24-hour period or it could ruin them. It can also make them vulnerable to mold or bacteria problems. Make sure you offer about 80% humidity during the germination phase to help them grow well.

Autoflowering marijuana plants are going to do their best with soil ranging from 6.0 to 6.5 pH. There are various products on the market you can use to test your soil and to get it to the right pH level. Water
Make sure you don't give these plants too much water. Doing so can cause them not to grow like they should. You may actually end up drowning your plant and then it has no chance to grow! The soil should be moist but there shouldn't be pools of water on the top of the soil. Prune
As your autoflowering cannabis plants grow, you need to prune them. This includes removing any dead leaves. This will help ensure the nutrients in the soil and the water is going to get to the healthy parts of the plants. Dead leaves and decay can quickly spread, causing problems for the rest of the plant. Harvest
For the best results, don't harvest all of the autoflowering plant at once. Instead, you need to do the top and then wait from 6 to 10 days. Then you can do the bottom as this process will increase your yield per plant. You will be surprised how much more develops on that bottom region in that little window of time so be patient! Use the seeds you collect from the best plants to create your next crop. This will ensure they have a good chance of growing well for you. Evaluate your entire growing process for the autoflowering plants. If necessary, many any adjustments to your process for the next crop to make it better!
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