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Big Bud is named as such because it has gigantic buds, in fact they yield approximately 600 to 700 grams per square meter. This amount of bud is from 50% extra to double that of other strains. It is advised when growing Big Bud that you stabilize it by tying it up, so the branches do not break from the weight of the buds. Big Bud can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It gives a mellow high, and the high has a long lasting effect. Big Bud has what can be described as a sweet and spicy flavor. Many users experience a strong taste of grapes. Medical cannabis seeds that are packaged in what you might considered stealth packing. Keeping them away from sticky fingers plus the seeds being hidden in your package ensures it arrives to you safely. This is a hybrid strain of cannabis, with parents that are from various Big Bud X strains. As a result, the quality and the overall potency of it can vary. It depends on the actual items crossed and the quality of the seeds. It is important to buy them selectively so you get excellent results. Evaluate the provider and their reputation so you donít get taken advantage of. Big Bud is 35% Indica and 65% Sativa. The leaves are quite lengthy but they are also dense. They are a light, minty green color. As the harvest time gets closer, they turn olive green underneath. Small orange hairs also start to emerge. THC Level and Buzz
The THC level of Big Bud ranges from 12% to 16%. It depends on the product that has been grown. As a result, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to really feel the complete high it offers. Many uses like this though as they feel they slip into it with ease rather than being hit by it. They also come out of the buzz slowly which they like. The level of euphoria with Big Bud is substantial, making it a huge high and in high demand product. Taste and Aroma
In addition to looking amazing, Big Bud also has a taste people just canít get enough of. It tastes like a variety of sweet berries mixed with Earth. The sent is a bit skunky but it isnít overpowering like you get with some of the other cannabis products that fall into that similar category. Common Uses
For those who need to stimulate their appetite, Big Bud can be a saving grace. Almost all users of this cannabis have the munchies at a level they have never experienced with any other form of marijuana. It is a good product to use for pain that is severe and prevents a person from being able to relax or sleep well. It can be used to fight severe insomnia and is often used by those who suffer from night terrors. Other conditions it is used for include depression and anxiety. Growing Information
Make sure the Big Bud plants are well spaced due to the length and overall size of their leaves. Otherwise, it will hinder the production of resin. When they are reading to harvest, they look like they have been coated with sugar. Each plant is going to produce a generous amount if they have been grown well. Therefore, you donít need tons of these plants to end up with a great crop amount. It takes approximately 50 days for the Big Bud seeds to flower and be ready for harvest. This particular strain is often vulnerable to various types of pests. If you grow it outdoors, they could destroy your crop if you donít have some natural deterrent in place. Keep an eye out for pests indoors too that can compromise your crop. Other than that key concern, these plants are very easy to grow successfully.
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