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Blackberry Kush Description

Blackberry kush will relax your mind and take away the pain. This is some of the worlds finest medicinal herb. This strain takes a little longer to mature than other strains (around 65 days), but it is worth the wait.

The blackberry kush cannabis plant is a cross between indica and sativa, with indica representing around 80% of its genes. It has a strong flavor, with a scent subtly resembling diesel fuel, with berry undertones.

Blackberry kush has a high amount of THC. You can see its sticky, glistening THC crystals forming in the last few weeks of its grow cycle.

Blackberry also sometimes go by the name Hindu Kush, though Blackberry properly conveys its taste as well as coloring. By the end of its growth, its green leaves will get black and purple and yellow undertones, as well as its buds.

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