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Blue dream seeds is grown outdoors and is very potent. The taste you get from seeds is better than most weed. Buy blue dream for sale and get a head start on producing amazing marijuana. Blue Dream seeds are a all around favorite and a must have. This bud has tons of crystals that cover its light green bud, and covered in orange hairs. It has a very pleasant smell and the taste is not overpowering and tastes woody and somewhat fruity. This strain not only give you a jolly, very giggly high. It also helps with migraines. This blue dream is a huge hit due to its very high potency. There are few strains of cannabis out there that compare to Blue Dream. It is a cross of various Blueberry X Haze products. This means the quality and the potency of it can vary depending on what you use. It is wise to learn about the provider of the seeds before you get them. A lower quality seed will reduce your plant production and the THC level. It is a hybrid strain offering 40% Indica and 60% Sativa. The buds are fluffy looking, and very lightweight. The blue dream seeds are bright green and shaped like pieces of popcorn. It is a very unique look that you don't often see with any types of cannabis plants. As the harvest time gets closer, the resin will be thick along these nugs. THC Level and Buzz
The THC level of Blue Dream ranges from 17% to 24%. It creates a high that comes on almost immediately. It offers a high that affects the mind more than the body. However, it also leaves the body quite relaxed but still able to function well. Therefore, it is a strain people often use during the day rather than reserving for evening only. Taste and Aroma
The aroma of Blue Dream is like fresh blueberries, and people seem to really enjoy it. In fact, it may make your mouth water as it reminds you of blueberry pie. The taste is very sweet and sugary. The taste tends to linger for a bit after being smoked and it is enjoyable. Common Uses
Many users of Blue Dream find it helps them to remove the clutter from their mind so they can focus. It also allows them to be more creative which can help them with their job or various hobbies. The creative energy is quite in depth and it comes on likes waves, increasing in intensity. It is a common strain used to reduce chronic pain, especially for those that want to still be able to function and move around while they use it. They don't like strains that put them into a lethargic state. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety so a person is able to relax and to sleep better. Growing Information
It is important to understand plants grow wide and over 6' tall. Make sure you have plenty of room for them to grow well so they can give you the best possible yield of product. These plants are easy to grow, even for the novice but you do want to make sure you start out with good quality blue dream seeds. To help them stay growing well, you should stake them after a few weeks. This helps to reduce the risk of stress of them as they get taller. It generally takes between 8 and 9 weeks to successfully be ready to harvest them. Failure to stake them though can result in poor crop outcome because they can't stand up to the weight. For outdoors growing, staking needs to be done early to help protect against wind damage to the plants.
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