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Blue strains of marijuana are regarded as having superior taste and quality. This strain produces a pleasant and euphoric high that is long lasting. It is great for medical marijuana patients suffering from pain. Our blueberry cannabis seeds produce plants with buds that are high in THC. Place your order with confidence from us. We will ship your Blueberry cannabis seeds discreetly, using stealth techniques to ship anywhere in the world. With a combination of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, Blueberry is a delightful product. The problem though is there isn't really any concrete information on the true parentage. As a result, the seeds you find out there can significantly vary from one location to the next. You need to do your homework to make sure you get a great product or your plants aren't going to have a chance to thrive. You may have to try a few variations until you find seeds that offer you exactly what you are looking for. Keep track of what you purchased so you can easily get them again. You can also harvest your own from the plants and use them for your next set of crops. The buds create olive colors nugs that look like small grapes. There are tones of orange and blue that appear as the time for the thick resin to develop and to be harvested gets closer. THC Level and Buzz
Most users as well as those interested in using cannabis are aware of the popularity of Blueberry. It continues to be one that new users are interested in trying but it is also one that seasoned users rely on again and again. The THC level ranges from 16% to 24% depending on the product you purchased. The buzz is going to come on slowly rather than all at once, and many people like this. For new users of cannabis, it allows them to feel in control as they notice changes and a smooth transition. Taste and Aroma
As you may guess, the taste and aroma are very strong blueberry. The taste also includes a hint of sweet vanilla that most people find very pleasant. Some people report it can have a woody or spicy taste to it as well. It all depend on the product you use, remember the exact parent origins aren't known so the hybrid cross can have some differences within it. Common Uses
Reducing symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD are common uses of Blueberry cannabis. It is also used to reduce the signs of chronic fatigue, mild depression, and chronic migraines. Some individuals use it to reduce nightmares, insomnia, and to recover from strained or sore muscles. It has a variety of uses including chronic but mild pain. Growing Information
It is fairly easy to grow these 2 to 3 feet plants both indoors and outside. They offer a very generous yield of cannabis so you don't need a large number of plants to get the crop you seek. If you decide to grow it outdoors, you need to wait until the temperatures will be cooler but not freezing. These plants won't grow in severely hot temperatures.
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