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Bubble Gum Description

This amazing seed will bring you back with its bubble gum taste an pink offset. Make this a great addition to your grow today with the best low prices on the inter-web. THC is the part of the bud which delivers the high from smoking marijuana.

This strain is good for medical marijuana users. It works great for pain, relaxation and reducing anxiety. Want to order bubblegum marijuana seeds securely? Buy from seedwriters and receive worldwide stealth shipping.

The cannabis strain known as Bubble Gum is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. The nugs are dark green and they develop orange hairs on them as it gets close to the time for harvesting. The resin covers the buds in such a manner that they look covered with snow. Due to the body design of this plant, they look like a Christmas tree covered in snow! THC Level and Buzz
The THC level offered with this product ranges from 13% to 19%. It depends on the exact hybrid mix and the quality of the seeds used. If you like the potency of your product, it is a good idea to harvest your own seeds from that point on so you can replicate that outcome with future crops. Users of Bubble Gum cannabis often find they are able to be more creative and to feel relaxed. The buzz is one that come on quickly and affects both the mind and body. It is a well-balanced high that allows a person to function but also to enjoy the benefits. IT doesn't leave you feeling lethargic or too wound up to sleep later on. Taste and Aroma
This is a great choice for those that love the smell and taste of original bubble gum! It has a fruity taste to it initially but that goes away soon. It can have a tropical or berry taste to it too depending on the seeds. The smell is also Earthy but it isn't overpowering which many users can appreciate. Common Uses
Since Bubble Gum cannabis helps the mind to be more creative, many people use it during the day. They like the way it helps them to reduce stress and to be able to focus on tasks. Since this product helps people to feel happy, it isn't uncommon for it to be used by those that struggle with mild to moderate depression. It can be useful for those suffering to stop thoughts that are negative or their mind seems to race such as with ADHD. Some users of Bubble Gum do so rather than to take ongoing medications for chronic types of pain. This can include inflammation associated with arthritis, GI orders, and PTSD. Some users rely on this daily to help them gain benefits without the use of daily prescription medications. Others only use as needed due to the pain or when certain mind issues seem to be overwhelming. Growing Information
These are going to be hearty plants, very sturdy as they grow. They are between 3 and 4 feet tall when fully grown. Bubble Gum cannabis plants grow best indoors where you can control the soil and other variables. If you choose to grow outdoors, you need an area where they can get plenty of sun but also be sheltered from wind. Indoors, this is a very simple type of cannabis plant to grow. Outdoors, it is a bit more complex but it can be done. It takes 8 to 9 weeks for harvest time.

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