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Check out this whole section of cbd seeds by clicking on prices. This particular strain of cannabis was created for medical relief specifically. It is a hybrid mix of Grass O Matic and CBD Crew. The mix is 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. As the plants grow, the mint green leaves develop nugs on them. They are beautiful plants before harvest as they get gold undertones all around them. The plants don't offer a huge amount of resin but a decent amount the time and effort put into growing them. Start out with good seeds so you don't end up with plants that produce very little. This can make it harder to identify how many plants you need to grow for your own use. You may need to experiment a bit to find out and then you can add or reduce plant amounts based on your findings after a few harvests. THC Level and Buzz Many consumers like to use CBD cannabis as it offers a buzz that doesn't leave them unable to do anything. Yet it aids with reducing pain so they can go about their routine. It also helps to calm the mind so they can focus. It offers a fast buzz that is both effective and gentle. It is a good product for new users who want to avoid the heavy, stoned feeling. The THC level ranges from 6% to 8% which is significantly lower than other strains. Taste and Aroma The taste of CBD cannabis is both spicy and citrus at the same time. It does have a woody smell and taste to it. The smell is both Earthy and fruity which makes it very appealing to many users. They don't want to smoke something that has a skunky or diesel like smell to it. Common Uses CBD is often referred to as a power house for offering relief from pain as well as from emotional concerns such as anxiety and PTSD. It is mild enough that a person can still do most of their normal daily activities with it. Therefore, it is a common product people use daily and they use both during the daytime and evening hours. It can be useful for those trying to relax and to stay focused. It is one of the effective options for those that experience muscle spasms. Growing Information This is perhaps one of the easiest strains of marijuana plants out there to grow. It is perfect for someone who is new to the process and doesn't want to make mistakes. It is also a good option for those who are too busy to focus on temperature, water, and lighting day after day during the growth period. CBD plants are vulnerable to mold though so you do have to watch for warning signs. It is more likely to develop if the plants are getting excessive water or in regions with high humidity. A dehumidifier in the room for indoor plants can help reduce the risk. Since they are autoflowering, the plants can be successfully grown indoors all year long.
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