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When it comes to cannabis products, your focus shouldnít be on what you can get cheap. Instead, it needs to be on what you can get for a good quality and a good price. Finding that balance is very important. If you plan to use cannabis regularly, it is going to be far less expensive if you grow your own than if you buy it each time. Once you get your set up in place, it will be very cheap to produce your product!


You donít have to spend lots of money for the supplies you will need to grow your cannabis plants either. Take an inventory of what you will need for a given product. Avoid those that need certain soil, a watering system, and systems to mask smells. All of that adds up to more money spent on what you will need to get them to grow successfully.

Easy to Grow

There are quite a few forms of cannabis products out there that are easy to grow. Find one that offers the results you are after. Make sure you learn about the steps involved to get the plants to grow. You also need to look at the number of weeks it takes for them to be ready to harvest. This can vary from strain to strain. Buy seeds that offer you a great chance of overall success.

High Yield

One of the factors you need to look at is the yield of the product. The more it will offer per plant, the better overall deal it is. You may find it is cheaper to grow 10 plants with a higher yield than to grow 20 plants that produce less. Not only will you save money on supplies, you also save room and time.

THC Level

Going hand in hand with the yield is the THC level. You need to compare that with the products available out there and before you buy your seeds. A higher THC level will give you a stronger high. With a low THC level, you may need to use more of it than you anticipated so your crop volume wasnít enough to last between harvests.

Proper Harvesting

Make sure you know the signs to look for with harvesting of your cannabis plants. If you harvest too early, you didnít get the full resin from each plant that you should have. If you harvest them too late, it could be destroyed. Educate yourself on the process so you are ready to go when it is time. Seeds

If you follow the instructions, your plants should thrive and then you can take seeds from them to use for future crops. This is going to save you money on the next round as you wonít have to pay for the seeds from someone else. You also have peace of mind as you already know how well they can grow and the quality is there. Storage

There are cheap ways to store your cannabis too after harvest. Use clean, glass jars with labels on them. The label should include the date and the type of product if you have more than one type of plant growing. Store them in a dark, dry area until you are ready to use it.
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