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What are the benefits of feminized seeds? As many know, marijuana plants come in male and female varieties. One male can pollinate a whole room or garden of female cannabis plants. The result is that the females become "seedy", and the females devote more energy towards producing seeds as they do their buds.

The common practice is to isolate or destroy all male cannabis plants. With growers disappointed as seeds are discovered to be male, techniques have been developed to cause a plant more likely to produce female seeds.

To create feminized seeds, a female plant is cloned by grafting a stem from the female to the roots of another plant. This clone is also female, but then it is put through a stress process, turning it into a hermaphrodite (turning male). This male clone is thereafter mated with the original female, producing feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds produce after the original female and cloned female turned male, and the resulting seeds become mostly female.

By planting feminized seeds, a grower is able to control the emergence of males and thereby produce crops that are more consistent, without losing plants due to males.
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