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A neat way to get free seeds from us is to purchase at least $71 - 55 in euros. On any order and you will receive some extra seeds as our gift. It could be indica or sativa its random. Another way to get them free seeds is even easier all you have to do is sign up with your email to mailing list. At the end of the month we hold random drawings for a free $500 USD gift certificate to an Amsterdam seed bank. Get in on your chance at free cannabis seeds with us! With $500 USD you could get a whole heaping of cannabis seeds. You could get so many if you were shopping in the cheap cannabis seed section. Why so cheap you ask? No its not lower quality. Its older inventory that cant go to waste! With so many people using cannabis as a medicine its a must to get those seeds out at low prices. Feel free to check out other strains and seeds on this site so you can get what your looking for. Who knows maybe you will get some free seeds today!
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