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Ghost Train Haze Description

The use of Ghost Train Haze can reduce stress and improve overall mood. It is often used by those with depression or trying to get the creative juices flowing. It isn't recommended for those with high levels of anxiety. It can also be used to combat pain and loss of appetite.

It is best to use only small amounts of Ghost Train Haze at a time. Too much of it at once can make it harder to concentrate. Higher amounts can hinder creativity rather than promote it. Outdoors is the best method of growing Ghost Train Haze seeds.

This is a Sativa strain that is easy to grow. The process of vegamatrix involves the use of nutrients versus the use of chemicals for the growth process. The result is a very healthy plant from the Ghost Train Haze seeds. The buds aren't airy, instead they are dense. They tend to look white when they are ready to be harvested.

It is going to thrive in warmer climates where there is plenty of sunlight. It takes from 65 to 80 days for flowering to occur. It is wise to start out with a very low amount of Ghost Train Haze and then slowly increase it once you determine how it will affect you. Don't start with a large dose as that could ruin the benefits this great strain of cannabis really does deliver.
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