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Maui Wowie Seed

Maui Wowie is considered one of the best medical marijuana strains. This strain has a low level of THC. As a result, you get far more of a "body buzz". The buzz given by Maui Wowie gives an euphoric good mood while allowing you to retain focus.

If you need to be functional, yet enjoy good weed, Hawaii Maui Wowie is the strain you are looking for. It has a pine smell, also citrus and lavender.

Maui Wowie is a great pain reliever, but it does not zap your energy. It is great for hiking and other activities and does not cause "couchlock".

We sell Maui Wowie seeds. Click below to order Hawaiian Maui Wowie seeds and grow your own medicine. We have stealth shipping, ensuring your seeds get to you.

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THC: 7/10 - good high
Tiredness: 3/10 - not good for sleep relief.
Pain: 7/10 - average effect
Stomache: 4/10 - not good
Nervousness: 4/10 - not good for nerves
Hunger: 9/10 - gives you appetite

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