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Northern Lights Description

I am willing to bet just about everyone has heard of this seed before. One of the benefits of growing Northern Lights is that it is not fussy. It is designed for indoor growing, and is highly resistant to problems such as disease, over/under-fertilization, over/under-watering, even bad spells of temperature.

Northern Lights is popular with those who want a decent medical marijuana strain. It has a high level of THC, as well as being an Indica with a powerful, relaxing body high. Snag some of these northern lights seeds on sale before they are all gone!
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THC: 10/10 - extremely high
Tiredness: 6/10 - average effect on your sleep.
Pain: 10/10 - removes all pain.
Stomache: 1/10 - not good
Nervousness: 1/10 - not good for nerves
Hunger: 10/10 - gives you a strong appetite.

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