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There are a great many outdoor marijuana strains. You will notice in the left column we have listed all our seeds that are appropriate for planting outdoors. Some of the seeds listed are "only" outdoors, while others can be planted inside or outside.

Following are a few strains which are considered good for planting outdoors in various scenarios. Select the best for your situation.

The Lowryder strain is excellent for planting in northern climates. It handles these climates better than most strains. Furthermore, Lowryder is a very small plant (only 15 inches tall). As such, it is very difficult to notice and easily blends in with local foliage.

Various strains of Kush are all descendents of their Afghanistan/Pakistan origins, where the climate can be difficult and downright cold sometimes (this is the location of the Himilayas. These strains are well suited to outdoor climates.

Any plant listed in the left column is suitable for outdoor growing. Browse them and order your preference. We sell outdoor marijuana seeds. Buy outdoor weed seeds from us, we provide stealth shipping all over the world.
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