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Pineapple Express Seed

Pineapple Express Seeds are on sale that's right you can get them now while prices are low. Get one of the most loved cannabis seeds everyone knows. Bring home this wonderful strain today. It has been know to bring a decent yield with large buds full of sticky resin and THC atop its flowers. Pineapple express seeds can also have a very fruity smell due to its tropical origins.

When smoked many will have a relaxed mind set with a slight body buzz. Taste can also be some what fruity with a dank under tone of sour skunk. Don't you just want these great genetics? If you click the price you can see all of the wicked awesome deals on many cannabis seeds. We even ship to US & Canada.

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    THC: 9/10 - very high
    Tiredness: 9/10 - very good at putting you to sleep.
    Pain: 9/10 - helps with pain
    Stomache: 1/10 - not good
    Nervousness: 1/10 - not good for nerves
    Hunger: 10/10 - gives you a strong appetite.

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