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Rainbow Kush Description

You have finally discovered the pot under the rainbow! It is called "Rainbow Kush", and has in its strain shared with Master Kush, Hindu Kush.

Rainbow Kush seeds are extremely popular due to the particular look of it. Being a Kush strain, this plant has characteristics found within the strain including a pine flavor.

Rainbow Kush has an interesting coloring of leaves, bud and flowers, with green, purple, blue, yellow and many shades in between -- which change when grown outdoors and finish in cooler climates. We sell Rainbow Kush seeds. Click below to buy our seeds and get stealth delivery worldwide.
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THC: 9/10 - very high
Tiredness: 3/10 - not good for sleep relief.
Pain: 2/10 - not good
Stomache: 2/10 - not good
Nervousness: 5/10 - good for nerves
Hunger: 2/10 - no appetite

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