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Super Lemon Haze Description

Super Lemon Haze has a citrus smell, described as lemon, citrus, oily butter and lavender. On exhaling, Super Lemon Haze also has a coffee taste.

With high THC, many consider Super Lemon Haze to be a "one hit wonder", and becoming "couchlocked" (wanting to sit and chill on the couch) when consuming an otherwise normal quantity.

Super Lemon Haze won 1st place price for "DNA strain, outdoor" at the Highlife Cup in 2007.
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THC: 9/10 - very high
Tiredness: 4/10 - not good for sleep relief.
Pain: 8/10 - helps with pain
Stomache: 2/10 - not good
Nervousness: 1/10 - not good for nerves
Hunger: 10/10 - gives you a strong appetite.

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