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Super Skunk Seed

Super skunk is great at being fast and easy to grow. It has a distinct skunk odor as its name implies. This strain thrives indoors and can also be grown outdoors.

Super skunk is winner of the High Times Harvest Festival in 1990. It is short to medium in height and has compact flowers. It leaves a distinct, pungent skunk odor when brushed against, making it a sometimes difficult plant to conceal.

Super skunk is a highly medicinal strain providing relief from pain, stress, anxiety and many other ailments. Buy your next super skunk marijuana seed batch from seed writers. We have discreet worldwide shipping to deliver your order discreetly and safely.

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THC: 9/10 - very high
Tiredness: 8/10 - very good at putting you to sleep.
Pain: 9/10 - helps with pain
Stomache: 2/10 - not good
Nervousness: 1/10 - not good for nerves
Hunger: 10/10 - gives you a strong appetite.

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