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White Widow is a seed that is very well known among smokers and even people who know very little about seeds know about White Widow. The reason for this is because White Widow is an all around great smoke for many different reasons. One of the main reasons why White Widow is such a favorite is the very high potency it has, however the effects are a lot different from other high potency ones, this one makes you very energized, and sociable.

The look or White Widow is also what makes it very well known, this bud is covered all over in tons of trichomes, and is a very dense bud. This bud has a very strong smell that can be smelled from across the room. Another strong effect this bud has is it's taste, the taste of this bud is a lot different from others, it has a spicy taste to it at first but it described as very smooth smoke.

As you continue to smoke the smoke tastes sweeter. This sweet and spicy high potency bud is a favorite among many. Along with lasting a good amount of time. The name says it all folks, what more could you ask for.
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